recording services


  • Romanian
  • English

Sometimes, your message needs a voice.

It's great to have a text in the language your readers or customers understand best. But sometimes, a spoken message can be even more powerful. I provide noise-free, studio-quality narrative recordings in Romanian and English. To get an idea of what my voice sounds like and whether it meets your requirements, just send me an email to request a sample.


I use an Audio-Technica 2035 microphone and a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 audio interface.


End-clients working directly with me can expect the following rates:
- English recordings: between EUR 120 and EUR 220 per finished hour;
- Romanian recordings: between EUR 160 and EUR 280 per finished hour.

The actual rate will depend on the complexity and requirements of your specific project.

To get a quote, send me an email.