Main language pairs:

  • EN>RO
  • NL>RO

Additional language pairs:

  • RO>EN
  • NL>EN
  • RO>NL

Accurate, natural-sounding translations with a fast turnaround.

Are you addressing potential customers or partners, existing users or your own employees? Whatever the case, you want your message carried across exactly the way you intended it. You want the translated version of it to be just as clear, appealing, informative or compelling as the original. I'm here to make sure of that.

How do I do it? By being aware that translation is not merely a 1:1 transposition process. Beyond choosing the most suitable words, it often involves rephrasing the translated text until it no longer sounds "like a translation". I read the target text from your addressee's point of view. Has the meaning been accurately conveyed? Does the style match the original? Is the text easy to read and understand? Are the sentences phrased naturally? When you work with me, you get translations that tick all these boxes.

But this complex process always comes with a time frame. Your translation has to be ready within a deadline – often a tight one. You can rely on me to be as fast as you need.

Having completed thousands of projects in a variety of fields, I've built the skills and experience to meet your highest expectations. You can have a look at my track record here.

CAT tools

I work with SDL Trados Studio 2022, MemoQ 10, and Memsource for the vast majority of my projects, but I'm also familiar with most online tools as well. In the past, I also used GTT, Idiom Worldserver Desktop Workbench, SDLX Lite, Alchemy Catalyst Lite, Passolo Translator, and WordFast.


The rates below are indicative and apply to end-clients working directly with me.
- Translations into Romanian: starting from EUR 0.06 per word.
- Translations into English: starting from EUR 0.06 per word.
- Translations into Dutch: starting from EUR 0.08 per word.

These rates do not apply to translation agencies.

The actual rate will depend on the size and complexity of your project. If your text is repetitive (i.e. if one or more sentences occur multiple times), you'll get discounted rates for the repeated parts. To request a quote, please send me an email.