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Some of the testimonials here are part of longer recommendations - if you would like to read the full text, I can send it to you.

As I'm particularly mindful about personal data privacy, I'll only give people's initials here, not their full names. If you do wish to know their contact details, you can get in touch with me and I'll provide this information to you.

When it comes to translation companies, I'll only mention the country they are from, not their name, for obvious reasons.

R.C.B., West Regional Development Agency (Romania)
(ongoing cooperation since 2008)

We started working with Cristian at the end of 2008, when we signed him for a translation for Tehimpuls - the Regional Centre for Innovation and Technology Transfer. We were very satisfied with the quality of his work and decided to continue our cooperation. Since then, he has translated large volumes of documents for us in various technological fields, including ICT and automotive.

[...] We would recommend him to anyone who needs translation and interpreting services in the field of technology and EU-related content.

Translation agency (the Netherlands)
(ongoing cooperation since 2009)

[...] This letter is a proof of our appreciation of your hard work and commitment. We truly value your translation skills and time-management abilities that have resulted in successful completion of various projects and positive feedbacks from our clients.

Our team recognizes and appreciates your performance and contribution to the company as you have always shown professionalism and honesty right from the day of your joining. [...]

Again, our sincere appreciation for your professional business attitude and hard work!

G.I., Gia Consulting (Romania)
(ongoing cooperation since 2012)

English translations = Cristian Chiș. [...]

Cristian amazes me each time not only by how fast he gets the job done, but also by how considerate and careful he is in selecting the right words and phrases. [...] He cares about what he writes, he pays attention to both form and content, and he succeeds in rendering the same idea in much more suitable words, bringing value to his translations. [...]

L.Z., F&F IT Services Timișoara (Romania)
(ongoing cooperation since 2011)

In 2011, as organizer of the Network of Automotive Excellence Innovation Competition in Romania, we asked Cristian to assist us in Timișoara in the interpretation of our conference from Romanian to English. Highly professional and very prompt, he responded to our request by asking detailed information about all the topics and the upcoming presentations.

After the conference, we received great feedback from the participants remarking the quality of the interpretation, reflecting very good knowledge of the terms used in automotive and the ability to express the ideas clearly and concisely.

Without reservation, I recommend Cristian's services.

B.P., Bogdan Petrea Law Office (Romania)
(ongoing cooperation since 2011)

We work with Cristian because his translations never require any corrections.

E.D.P., the Romanian Society of Epidemiology and the University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Timișoara (Romania)
(ongoing cooperation since 2007)

Cristian [...] has translated and proofread various conference papers in the field of epidemiology that I authored or co-authored, which have been successfully presented at international events such as the European Influenza Conference (Portugal, 2008), the European Scientific Conference on Applied Infectious Disease Epidemiology (Sweden, 2009), and the WorldPharma Congress (Denmark, 2010).

Given the quality of his translations, I intend to go on cooperating with him and I am happy to recommend him as a translator in this field.

Translation agency (Canada)
(ongoing cooperation since 2011)

I’ve worked together with Cristian on a few projects and the experience is always a positive one. The response to our questions is always quick and the delivery is always on time!

P.O., HCE JobCreator (the Netherlands)

HCE is a Dutch company which delivers employment services for jobseekers in The Netherlands and in other European countries, amongst which Romania. For 2 Romanian projects, [...] HCE asked Cristian Chiș to do a lot of official translations from Dutch and English into Romanian [...].

We can fully state that Cristian has been doing a great job for us and that he delivered in a very quick time, being precise and very customer-friendly at the same time. We can recommend him to anybody in case translations into Romanian are needed.

V.M., Movidius (Romania)

Our technical terminology and tight deadlines are in good hands with Cristian.

M.M., Babel Center Language School (Romania)

[...] Cristian's activity here involved not only teaching, but also coauthoring manuals for learners of English at various levels, as well as recording the audio tracks for many English and Romanian language courses. We received positive feedback from our students regarding both his voice skills and the quality of the recordings.

Based on the pleasant and mutually rewarding cooperation we have had with him, I would recommend his voice recording services with full confidence.

C.d.M., Plan Facilitators (the Netherlands)

Cristian is the perfect translator for workshop facilitators like me. He manages to translate anything (English, Romanian or Dutch) anytime in any sequence and on time! His extremely relaxed style makes everything seem easy and effortless, it is a great pleasure to work with him.