My philosophy
My track record

Prompt responses

When you send me a request, you don't want to wait for hours wondering whether I'm available or not. If you have any questions or last-minute instructions during an ongoing project, you want them answered or acknowledged as soon as possible. That's why I'll always reply to your emails as promptly as I can.

A personal approach

I'm a freelancer, so it goes without saying that communication is direct and straightforward: you're dealing with one person who is involved in the whole process. And I am 100% involved.

Thorough research

I deal with texts from a wide variety of fields – you can check my track record to see what I mean. Performing thorough research and avoiding the trap of overconfidence are crucial in order to cope with this vast and varied terminology and to produce accurate target texts.

Careful revision

To err is human; therefore, translations need to be checked to make sure they contain no mistakes. But the check should go beyond accuracy: not only should the target text be a faithful translation of the source, it should also sound natural and acquire the subtleties of the target language. All this is taken care of during the revision stage.

A final product you can use confidently

The translation business has a lot to do with trust: quite often, the client doesn't speak the target language, so they cannot directly assess the quality of the text they receive. I am fully aware that trust entails responsibility, so I will spend as much time as needed to make sure you get a reliable and effective target text.