February 2016

In November 2015, I had the pleasure of working for the Timișoara City Hall as an interpreter at a national seminar on sustainable urban mobility, which was part of the CH4LLENGE project. Among other results, the project partners (9 European cities and 8 support organizations) produced a set of manuals to help sustainable urban mobility planners.

Before the year was over, the City Hall contacted me again, this time for an envisaged translation of three such manuals - dealing with participation, institutional cooperation, and monitoring & evaluation. Each manual also had an accompanying Quick Facts brochure.

Most of the translation project was carried out in February and had a series of relatively tight deadlines. Fortunately, it all ended well and I got some very good feedback on the translation quality from both the City Hall and the company that took care of the manual layout.

The manuals can be found here.

SUMP manual screenshot

SUMP manual screenshot

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