Innovation Fair
(2014 edition)

November 2014

The Regional Innovation Fair, now at its second edition, was again organized in Arad.

First, representatives of the European Commission, the West Regional Development Agency, and the Romanian government delivered presentations focusing on the Horizon 2020 programme. Then, participants from different sectors in the West Region brainstormed on specific innovative projects that could be eligible for Horizon 2020 funding, in an interactive workshop coordinated by master facilitator Charles de Monchy. In the end, prizes were awarded to the finalists of a regional eco-innovation contest.

I was one of the two interpreters at the event, combining simultaneous interpreting (during the presentations and the award ceremony) and consecutive interpreting/chuchotage (during the workshop).

Charles de Monchy moderating the workshop
(courtesy of Tehimpuls)

One of the winning innovative products
(courtesy of Tehimpuls)

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