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March 31, 2014

The year started with the RO>EN translation of the epidemiology exam questions for the international students at the University of Medicine in Timișoara.

But before I had a chance to post the news here, other events followed:

- I translated a text for a Hemlock Grove episode and then recorded the translation so that the actor would know how to pronounce it;

- Saguaro Technology approached me about a possible on-site linguistic check of some printer GUI and help texts;

- the West Regional Development Agency chose my bid for the RO>EN translation of part of the BanaTour website, which promotes tourism in the West Region;

- I had the pleasure of welcoming a few new clients;

- and, best of all, I was overwhelmed with excitement and gratitude to receive a great award from my no. 1 client.

These events and other interesting translations (totalling around 130 projects), made for a busy and promising first quarter. Looking forward to see how the rest of 2014 unfolds!

The award I received

The University of Medicine

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