new encounters
with the
World Bank

September 6 & 11, 2013

The West Regional Development Agency (ADR Vest) held a conference at the City Business Centre in Timișoara to mark the conclusion of its one-year pilot project with the World Bank, called "Services for Increasing Competitiveness and Smart Specialisation". The attendees (representatives of the private and public sectors) were able to learn about the current stage of the Regional Development Plan for 2014-2020, as well as the World Bank's recommendations for policies and interventions.

The following week, representatives of the World Bank met with members of the County Council to discuss possible needs the Bank could help cater to at county and regional level. This second event was my first time working for the World Bank as my direct client - hopefully the beginning of a long and pleasant cooperation.

Two of the City Business Centre buildings

The County Council building

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